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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is the use of hands on treatment, modalities, and exercise to improve your physical function and physical abilities.

We begin with an evaluation.  We will look at how you move (quality), how much you can move (range of motion), strength, flexibility, joint mobility (is a joint moving enough or too much), balance, and pain.


We want you to get back to your game whether it is lacrosse, swimming, football, soccer, or a walk around the park.

The results of these tests will help us develop a treatment plan to improve how you feel and how easily you can do what you want to do. We will teach you exercises to work on at home and begin treatment.

If a client could be described as a car stuck in the mud; We are trying to achieve some traction to move to solid ground.

Treatment will include manual therapy. We will put our hands on you and try to improve how much a joint moves, and the tissue quality in painful or tender areas

We will use modalities. Modalities is a fancy word for cold, heat, ultrasound, laser, and electronic stimulation used to improve swelling, pain, spasm, strength, and tissue quality.

Volleyball serve

Like setting up for the perfect serve, we set you up for success in movement, exercise, and life.

At TheraPlus, we pride ourselves on the amount of contact and the relationship between the therapists and clients.  Few clinics in the area provide the individual attention, therapist contact time, and consistency in therapist that we do.  The licensed physical therapist you work with will take you through the entire treatment plan.  Instead of bouncing between a number of therapists.

Physical therapy is ordered by your physician.  Ask your doctor for a prescription for physical therapy or call us and we will help you with the process. Our number is 314-821-8304.  Our fax number for prescriptions is 800-327-1957. The insurance plans we participate in are listed here. If your plan is not listed, you may have out of network benefits allowing us to bill your insurance company. Please call us and we will check with your insurance company to determine the cost before treatment begins.